A Simple Realistic Guide To Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness


"A simple, realistic Guide to Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness". "MINDMUSCLE is an easy to follow holistic routine in which Zoe Rox focuses on the mind, body, and spirit to achieve wellness. It's like having your own personal coach with you every day."
Mitzie Reed, NV Founder & President
Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce

"We need more classes with a style like Zoe Roxanne's. They have the best benefit for muscle tone, cardiovascular, weight loss, balance and all around perfect in one class. She is PHENOMENAL-The Bomb.
Comment Taken From Sun City Anthem Fitness Center Group Exercise Participant Survey, April 2008.

"Zoe Roxanne was a dynamic asset to the League of Women's Voters of California State Convention 1992. Her new approach to exercise got us up and moving, feeling poitive and healthy both physically and mentally every morning."
  Mary Steiner
State Public Relations Chair
League of Women's Voters

"Several years ago Zoe Roxanne told me I needed to get into shape. The truth hurt but she backed it up with an exercise program, MINDMUSCLE. Now thirty pounds lighter, I have used MINDMUSCLE to help me become a winning triathlete and a respectable marathon runner."
Greg Nielsen
Author National Best Sellers
Conscious Books

"Zoe Roxanne, professional, has added a new dimension to my personal goals of great health through a commitment to taking care of my body through an excellent physical fitness program. I have attained a much better body and a more positive mental attitude of physical fitness. Zoe Roxanne is an indispensable part of my life."
Elinor Hill'Cortney
Golden Whisk

"MINDMUSCLE has accelerated my figure skating performances with her specialized goal psyching techniques and kept me strong with her personal training to compete and win 1st place at the professional Central Figure Skating Competition and 2nd place at the United States Figure Skating Meet. Zoe Roxanne is an excellent coach who has helped me to win!"
Tiffany Chan
Figure Skater
National Professional

Excellent! Terrific Article! Came at a good time for me too. I really want to get Botox. I just had a huge fight about money with my husband again. You speak the truth, stop wasting your money and chasing a stupid dream that is a figment of my imagination and a mirror of my own insecurity based upon feeling useless in societys eyes. Lets face it, no one is perfect. Not even the people whose pictures are airbrushed into fantasy land that we all aspire to become. Crud, Im older and should be over this. The young girls are going to need a lot of help. Glad youre writing about this devastating problem. Thank you,
Angie Vanucci
Denver, Colorado

Hello my name is Ashely, I just wanted to let you how much I appreciate the book you gave me. I have started reading the book and I think it’s great. I really hope it helps me with my self esteem and my outlook on myself. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling you have given me by just giving me the gift of your book. It has honestly been a adventure to find the real me again… Well once again thank you and I appreciate everything you have done for me.
Las Vegas, NEVADA

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. You are a top notch instructor. Your form and technique is impeccable. It is a great example for the students. I receive positive feedback on your classes often and want to thank you for your dedication. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with the family."
Fitness Director Sun City Anthem, NV

Before starting any exercise program consult with your physician. Zoe Roxanne Ztarr, MINDMUSCLE and or anyone affiliated with the contents of this website assumes no liability for the contents herein. Please use your own discretion and with physicians approval.

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