A Simple Realistic Guide To Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness

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MindMuscle Hat

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P.S You're Already Beautiful! (You just Don't know it)

ARE YOU OBSESSEED WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK BUT STILL NOT HAPPY? Are we allowing society to control what we think about ourselves?

"Excellent! Terrific Article! Came at a good time for me too. I really want to get Botox. I just had a huge fight about money with my husband again. You speak the truth, stop wasting your money and chasing a stupid dream that is a figment of my imagination and a mirror of my own insecurity based upon feeling "useless" in society's eyes. Let's face it, no one is perfect. Not even the people whose pictures are airbrushed into fantasyland that we all aspire to become. Crud, I'm older and should be over this. The young girls are going to need a lot of help. Glad you're writing about this devastating problem. Thank you," Angie Vanucci, Denver, Colorado

In this easy to read booklet you will find detailed top plastic surgery procedures and there repercussions and risks. This is about a society out of control in a search to the perfect physical self and the ramifications of this search. It's about talking back your power to claim freedom and self acceptance by utilizing the powerful action steps within.

Zoe Roxanne offers 25 years experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. National video and audio sales of her trademarked technique MINDMUSCLE. Freedom from exercise addiction, yo yo dieting, binge purge and starvation dieting as well as her addiction to become the fountain of youth through the use of plastic surgery, hair extensions, fillers and Botox. With this experience along with YWCA The Beauty report, Zoe has unique information and action steps for self acceptance.

P.S. You're Already Beautiful! (You just don't know it) Author: Zoe Roxanne Ztarr
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Fed up with Exercise books and fad diets? Are tired of the supermodel and body builder images that are not realistic? Learn how being fit is not about being perfect!

"Mindmuscle is an easy to follow holistic routine...It's like having your own personal coach with your everyday." Mitzie Reed, Nevada Holistic Chamber of commerce.

"Zoe Rox told me I needed to get into shape and backed it up with the MINDMUSCLE program. Now thirty pounds lighter. I am a winning triathlete and respectable marathon runner." Greg Nielsen, Author of a bestseller.

MINDMUSCLE A Simple Realistic Guide to Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness is feeling good about yourself, discovering your inner capacity for wellness, physical fitness and healing. MINDMUSCLE appeals to everyone it does not intimidate with perfect bodies or ridiculous difficult to perform exercises. Its photos are packed with everyday people like you and me.

Topics include:
  • Goals - I know what's important to me!
  • Rewards - I feel great because I'm achieving my plan!
  • Affirmations - Say "delete" to those negative beliefs!
  • Visualize - I become what I see - the true me!
  • Exercise - I feel energized, alive and fresh!
  • Body fat/ Obesity - Understanding helps me change!
  • Dieting/Eating disorders - I am balanced, whole and complete!
  • Healthy changes with food - I am what I eat, I chose wisely!
Zoe Roxanne has 25 years experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She previously sold many of her MINDMUSCLE audio and video tapes through national sales. She has offered continual education credits, seminars and workshops. She has been on television and print media discussing her technique and personal freedom story a well as being published through various subjects of interest. Her new booklet: P.S. You're Already Beautiful! You just don't know it: is in publication now!
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Before starting any exercise program consult with your physician. Zoe Roxanne Ztarr, MINDMUSCLE and or anyone affiliated with the contents of this website assumes no liability for the contents herein. Please use your own discretion and with physicians approval.

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