A Simple Realistic Guide To Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness


  • The Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce - We are a network of businesses, organizations and individuals dedicated to healing people, our society and the planet. Healing in a holistic sense-mind, body and spirit. We feel that by working together we create a more positive impact.

  • DailyOM - Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  • The Von Raesfeld Agency - provides literary representation to experienced and "rookie" writers and editing services for books, manuscripts, and non-book projects (i.e., websites, newsletters, resumes, etc.)

  • Mystic Publishers - the author's ultimate aid to self-publishing.

  • The Spirit Dove - Messenger of Love, Light, Peace and Unity.

  • The Healing Sanctuary Center - We are a unique entity of bringing forth the concept of Self-Realization of Body, Mind, & Spirit.

  • My Yoga Break - Stretch yourself, Fitness in tune with you!

  • www.realfunnyobituaries.com - Where the obituaries of the unfamous become the stuff of legend.

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Before starting any exercise program consult with your physician. Zoe Roxanne Ztarr, MINDMUSCLE and or anyone affiliated with the contents of this website assumes no liability for the contents herein. Please use your own discretion and with physicians approval.

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