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About Zoe Rox

Zoe Roxanne Ztarr is the founder of MindMuscle® Fitness and Wellness Consultants, an organization that provides consultations, group exercise classes, seminars, and workshops. MindMuscle® focuses on the importance of total wellness by combining three concepts: mind, body, and spirit. MindMuscle® was founded in 1987 and is based in Henderson, Nevada.

Zoe Roxanne's career spans nearly two decades as a certified personal trainer (American Council of Exercise certification, 1993) and group exercise instructor (American Fitness Association of America certification, 1989). She holds specialty certifications in Mind-Body, Beam Fit, and Glide. Before attaining fitness certifications, Zoe Roxanne was a professional dancer, performing throughout Mexico, Europe, and the United States.

In addition to fitness/group training, Zoe Roxanne has provided continuing education in the field of Body-Mind-Spirit fitness training. She is well known for her trademarked technique, MINDMUSCLE® through national sales of instructional audio and video tapes. She is the executive producer of a nationally acclaimed workout video and audiotape, MindMuscle®, The Complete Workout, (1991) which emphasizes her mind-body-spirit theory and technique. She was also the Leader of the MindMuscle® team that gave live presentations nationally. Zoe Roxanne was also the director and producer of Sweat by Rox, (1988, limited edition), an exercise video emphasizing mind and body concepts.

Zoe Roxanne was the personal trainer of The Eco Challenge winner, Marc Wan, in 1998. She has been a guest on the KABL 96 AM / 98 FM live radio program in San Francisco and on KKUP 98.1 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has had several articles published about her mind-body-spirit theory. She was a participant on The Joanie Greggain's Morning Stretch fitness TV show.

Zoe Roxanne is the author of two newly released books: "MINDMUSCLE A Simple, Realistic Guide to Mental, Physical and Spiritual Fitness" and P.S. You're Already Beautiful! (You Just Don't Know It.) Zoe Roxanne challenges herself daily to be a contributor, not a consumer.

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Contact: mindmuscle123@gmail.com

Before starting any exercise program consult with your physician. Zoe Roxanne Ztarr, MINDMUSCLE and or anyone affiliated with the contents of this website assumes no liability for the contents herein. Please use your own discretion and with physicians approval.

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